National Adoption Day 2014

Today is National Adoption Day, an event geared toward raising awareness about the 100,000+ children in the U.S. foster care system who are waiting for families, and a day to celebrate adoption in general. In the Dropping Anchors crew we have 21 adoptions to be thankful for today, via foster care and private adoption, as well as a few permanent guardianships. Often kids in foster care remain faceless in social media for their privacy and protection. Here are some of the beautiful faces of children who once were waiting for a safe, secure future with a loving family but now are part of a family forever!

We learned that orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names. They are easier to ignore before you see their faces. It is easier to pretend they’re not real before you hold them in your arms. But once you do, everything changes.” Radical by David Platt

Jazmine Joy
Born: 12-8-11  Home: 6-25-12  Forever: 2-14-14

Jaz -adoption-day-jaz Jazmine -adopted

Alianna Mae
Born: 7-20-11  Home: 9-21-11  Forever: 8-7-12

alianna alianna2better

Nikkolas “Nikko” David Matthew
Born: 6-22-10  Home: 10-11-10  Forever 11-17-12



Dalton Eugene
Born: 4-3-11 Home: 4-10-13 Forever 9-12-14
Introduction video

dalton1 Dalton2

Hudson Justice
Born: 7-26-06 Home: 4-6-07 Forever: 7-25-08
Adelaide Gina
Born: 8-6-07 Home: 8-8-07 Forever: 7-25-08


Whitaker James
Born: 9-15-09 Home: 11-23-09 Forever: 10-13-10


Penelope Finch
Born 11-17-10 Home: 4-24-14 Forever: 9-5-14


Michael Ellis
Born: 10-5-12 Home: 6-4-13 Forever: 9-26-14

image1 image2

Aiden Michael William
Born: 4-7-06 Home: 11-6-07 Forever: 1-17-08


Tayler Renee Elizabeth
Born: 2-7-13 Home: 2-22-13 Forever: 9-15-14


Isaiah Cole
Born: 12-25-12 Home: 3-8-13 Forever: 10-11-13


Shelby Anneliese Joy
Born: 6-12-09 Home: 6-15-09 Forever: 8-24-10

IMG_21055821106956_resized IMG_21070322770315_resized

Braeden Timothy William
Born: 7-30-12 Home: 8-2-12 Forever: 10-29-14

IMG_20873066278646_resized IMG_21102809631290_resized

Caleb Sikes
Born: 4-15-08 Home: 2-26-13 Forever: 8-8-13
Timothy Reed
Born: 8-17-09 Home: 2-26-13 Forever: 8-8-13
Joseph Bryce
Born: 1-12-11 Home: 2-26-13 Forever: 8-8-13


Josiah Samuel
Born: 2-16-11 Home: 2-19-11 Forever: 8-23-11

josiah adoption day josiah

Amiah Marilee Grace
Born: 8-27-12 Home: 11-26-12 Forever: 2-4-14


Anonymous Sweetheart


And a very, very special congratulations to this handsome baby boy, whose adoption will be finalized TODAY!

Jackson Samuel
Born: 4-21-13 Home: 11-13-13 Forever: 11-22-14



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