You might be a foster mom if…

Dropping Anchors Blog: You might be a foster mom if

Sometimes it feels like things posted here are really heavy for the heart, so here’s a humorous take on some aspects of being a foster parent as seen by the Dropping Anchors Crew.

You might be a foster mom if…

“You have more kids than seats in your car.”

“You have a crib, pack-n-play and twin bed stocked piled in your storage room.”

“Your storage unit is half devoted to kids items/clothes that may or may not ever be used.”

“You know more lawyers and specialists than you should.”

“You don’t purchase items that say ‘mama’s little stinker’ or ‘daddy’s little hero’, etc”

“Your new neighbor thought you didn’t know who the father of your child was for weeks before realizing you were fostering…”

“You can accommodate house guests in a moments notice because you have so many options for sleeping arrangements.”

“Your home (and cubicle) is full of photos of kids that aren’t yours anymore.”

“When someone asks how many kids you have, you stumble over the complicated answer.”

“You’ve been fingerprinted and background checked three times and are a frequent visitor at the county courthouse but you’ve never been in any legal trouble.”

“You’ve got six DCS placement workers cell phone numbers saved in your contacts with a unique ringtone.”

“Your hubs is a professional who makes good money, and you’re using WIC.”

“You don’t know where your child’s scars came from.”

“You have drug addicts, drug dealers, felons, inmates, prostitutes, and homeless folks you love and consider family because of their connections to your child.”

“You laugh when someone asks you ‘what the pregnancy was like’ and you answer ‘that’s a good question.’”

“Your pediatrician’s front office asks your child’s date of birth or how to spell their name and you stumble over the answer.”

“You have to have written permission to go on a family vacation out of state or you risk getting arrested for kidnapping.”

“You say the phrase “We went Trick or Treating at the CPS office” in public and realize later how odd that must’ve sounded to strangers.”

“When people see you in town with your kids friends they assume that they are your new placements”

“You’re better at private investigation than an actual private investigator.”

“You have ‘prison visit’ written on your calendar.”

“You get a rush of excitement when your home phone rings. The only people who ever call your home line are placement workers or telemarketers.”

“It’s natural to take photos of your kids without showing identifying features.”

“You haven’t had a full night’s sleep in three years, because you’ve continuously had babies in your home.”

“You quietly giggle when someone tells you and your foster daughter ‘You two look JUST ALIKE!’ Especially when it’s so true!”

“You go to court on a regular basis, only you’re in good standing with the law.”

“You’re never sure how many people to RSVP for when a party is still a couple of weeks away.”

“All the kids on your street play in front of your house and when you explain that they should go back towards their houses (to parents you don’t know) they say ‘Oh, my mom and dad said the family with all the different kids is safe. The state said so!’”

“You feel like there’s a child growing in your heart.”

“You hear about news stories by the way of a placement call before it hits the public news outlets.”

“You met someone and within 10 minutes he made the statement ‘So you’re a white woman raising a Hispanic girl named after an African country?’ Yep. We are the United Nations up in my house!”

“You are nervous to buy the next size up in clothing because it may never be used.”

“People stare awkwardly because you have two kids clearly not related and very close in age.”

“You are asked by relatively close friends and co-workers ‘So, how many kids do you have?’”

“You put off planning anything more than a month away because you’re not sure how many kids you’ll have then.”

“You have to tell people ‘You can’t post pics of this baby online. Not even in the background!’”

“Your answer to the ‘Why did you chose that name?’ question is…’Well, I didn’t.’”

“You have to go to 15+ hours of training to be considered a fit parent”


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2 Responses to You might be a foster mom if…

  1. shawn says:

    Oh my gosh! You SO hit the nail on the head with this list!

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