Bring Home Baby Cotton

A few days ago, our very own Lindsay and her husband Alya received the devastating and shocking news that their expectant mom is a part of an adoption scam. She placed the baby they had dreamed would be their daughter with another family at the last minute for the purpose of financial gain. 

Now with broken hearts they are in the financial position of having to start completely over. Knowing the amount of physical work they have done to raise money to bring home their next child, we can only imagine how they feel. They are out thousands of dollars. Lindsay and Alya’s friends are joining together to try and restore their dream of growing their family through adoption. Will you join us? Please clink the link below and consider giving. If you are unable to give financially, please join us in prayer over their family and their great loss.

And if you are on Instagram, search the #bringinghomebabycotton for more fundraisers and information. 

Our friend Nikki is hosting a fundraiser as well @heartgrownbabylove – check her on on Instagram to get involved.  


About steph hagen

Nashville foster/adoptive mama, artist, believer
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