Happy Father’s Day to all the Real Dads


This post is dedicated to the husbands of the Dropping Anchors Crew.

May every child be as lucky as ours to have a Daddy such as them.

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In 1909, after hearing a Mother’s Day sermon, Sonora Smart Dodd, raised by her father after the death of her mother, declared that fathers should also be celebrated.  In 1910 the first unofficial Father’s Day was celebrated in Spokane, Washington, yet Father’s Day wasn’t introduced as an official holiday until 1972 when President Nixon declared the third Sunday in June as “Father’s Day.” Today, we celebrate Father’s Day for all the real dads out there.

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As foster moms, and for many of us as adoptive moms, we know first hand the influence our husbands have on many children in the role of dad. I have seen children come in and out of my house, all with varying experiences on what having a father means. Some have very active and loving dads. Others have never met their dads. Many know their dads, but they aren’t an active part of their lives. That’s where our husbands step in for these children.

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The children that come into our home will never leave without seeing what a true man, husband and father should be. Our husbands dedicate their lives to teaching and shaping these innocent minds in what it means to have a dad. A real dad. With each interaction, they show these children the unwavering love of a father. The same love the Father has for us. They step forward for these children, when often times, no one else will.

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Each day, these men are there to pick our children up if they fall, have difficult conversations about the birds and bees if needed, play catch in the backyard, and kiss them goodnight. They will do anything for these children. Anything to make them smile. Anything to show them true love and attachment. We, as wives, have witnessed grown men cry on many occasions, such as when a child is no longer in our home or when they can’t fix the hurt the child has endured before our home. The greatest moments of tears come when they become overwhelmed with pure joy, happiness, and pride for these children. These tears I described are all the same tears any father has.  We witness God’s love for His children through the eyes of these men. The way they love and support our children, biological, step, foster, or adopted is the same way God loves us. We all have been orphans. God said, “I will not leave you as orphans.” He didn’t. These men have stepped up to the plate to see to that while these children are in our home—whether it be for a day, a year, or a lifetime—they do their part to show these children what a dad should and can be.

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“…Whoever receives one such child in my name, receives me…”

~Matthew 18:5

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God never places a label on us. Why should we? These men aren’t foster dads. They aren’t stepdads. They aren’t biological dads. They aren’t adoptive dads. They are dads. REAL DADS.

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Thank you to all the real dads out there doing your part to show love to a child.

You are truly amazing.

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About Alisha Palmer

Alisha is an adult adoptee that has been a therapeutic and medically fragile foster parent since 2012, caring for many children from medically fragile infants to therapeutic teenagers, and numerous in between. In 2015 she adopted their two amazing daughters from the foster care system. She is a foster care and adoption advocate who strives to encourage others to step out of their comfort zone and into this world, providing love and stability to children during their darkest times. Follow her on Instagram @alishaypalmer.
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