Something new we will be doing over here at the Dropping Anchors Blog (starting October 27) has us all excited! A few times a week one of the members of the Dropping Anchors Crew will be taking over our Instagram account to share a day in the life of a foster mom.

12188119_10208006392056286_767831601506916237_oFirst up will be Renee, she’s @fostandadoptmomma over on Instagram and her first post was her “about me.” She wrote, “Hi all! My name is Renee or @fostandadoptmomma here on IG. I am momma to 4 kiddos 2 and under. Austin (24 months), Sis (18 months), Little Girly (11 months), and Itty Bitty (5 months). It is a lot of babies! We average 30-35 diapers a day. Austin was adopted in February of this year. Sis is an adoptive placement awaiting severance in November…hopefully. We go to trial for Little Girly in December with a current case plan of severance and adoption. Itty Bitty is medically fragile and is set for reunification potentially in the Spring of 2016. I am excited to have you join us on our busy busy day tomorrow. Feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to reply.”

If that doesn’t intrigue you, I don’t know what will!

Go find us at @droppinganchorsblog on Instagram, hit “follow” and say hello!!


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2 Responses to #FosterMomDays

  1. Michelle jones says:

    Is it the foster parent responsibility to drop child off to parent and pick them up michellejones688@ymail.com

    • Each organization will be different. One organization I worked with it was our responsibility. Another organization would help split the duty depending on our availability, etc.

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