National Adoption Day 2015

Today is National Adoption Day, a day to celebrate the gift of adoption and raise awareness about the 100,000+ children in the U.S. foster care system who are waiting for forever families. The Dropping Anchors crew had lots of adoptions that have been finalized since last National Adoption Day. Celebrate these beautiful kids and foster-adopt families with us:

Emily Chey
Born 3-25-14 Home 4-3-14 Forever 4-1-15

12241432_10207465741304533_2544154230936905086_n 12235074_10207465741024526_5401334887963165718_n

Tessa Ann
Born 7-17-14 Home 8-7-14 Forever 6-17-15

12195075_10208094630382189_149691974126059658_o 12239263_10208094625822075_4093886417212087169_o

Mason Lyn
Born 4-15-11 Home 10-14-13 Forever 11-20-15

12241499_10208145464813018_3032202047135240722_n 12243530_10208145503853994_8555331878834552345_n

Austin Russell
Born 10-4-13 Home 10-7-13 Forever 2-11-15

12244547_634165636595_8804242240179654848_o 12240901_634165771325_7210045088829565593_o

Carla Renee
Born 8-4-13 Home 4-28-14 Forever 11-4-15

12227825_10208319061037536_491575582575711805_n 12072571_10208319059917508_3104496777605736978_n

Jovie Peace
Born: 6-18-14 Home: 6:22-14 Forever: 11-19-15


Stella Astri
Born: 1-11-14 Home: 1-14-14 Forever: 7-17-15

12247942_10154343047125558_2882239942497126849_o 12107734_10154343281080558_2980693951008045077_n


Born: 3-10-09 Home: 3-9-14 Forever: 4-20-15


Born: 7-12-11 Home 3-9-14 Forever: 4-20-15

12235128_10204250582459415_110552529656519780_n 12274646_10204250583539442_1256233427162094330_n


Madison Brielle
Born: 6-14-13 Home: 6-18-13 Forever: 12-12-14

12232746_10206805665772922_8534047361162972063_o 12238528_10206805668132981_400804996307150498_o


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1 Response to National Adoption Day 2015

  1. Amy says:

    What an exciting year for all of you! Beautiful families!

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