Dear Child,

Our family is waiting. We have your room ready, new sheets laid out, new artwork hung, a variety of car seats, a configuration of beds sitting and waiting for the call. Our hands are opened up and they’re eager.

We wait in our unknowing, our wondering, are you fresh and tiny, or are you a mama with a new tiny of your own? Are you alone or are you with a brother or sister? Will our phones ring in the middle of the night? Will you sleep in our home? I promise you are safe here. Will you know you are loved? Will you know how to be loved? I promise you are loved here. Will you be here only a short time, will you be here forever? Will you break our hearts in the very best ways? Oh I know you will.

It’s not our first call or our second. We’ve been here before, facing our maybes, checking our phones 10 times a day. Please know we are praying. We’ve seen what our Heavenly Father who loves us so perfectly can orchestrate and it is beauty, but we know sometimes it hurts first. We know sometimes it hurts a lot. Will you let us help you through the hurt? Can we walk together, both unsure, both afraid, both unknowing? We are waiting, dear one. We are waiting for you.

About steph hagen

Nashville foster/adoptive mama, artist, believer
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3 Responses to Unknowing 

  1. This perfectly describes where we are at! Very well written!

  2. Julie Hill says:


  3. Liza Unger says:

    In bed hearing the birds chirp, crying and praying for our little one… Thank you for all you share!!!

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