Adoption Stories: Post 2

Read post 1 here. Enjoy. ❤


Leslie Crosby:

“After finalizing our son’s adoption in 2012, we provided short term foster placements for five sweet babes. A second adoption was very clearly placed on our hearts, and we were placed with our daughter early in 2014. We celebrated each new first with our sweet girl, and were overjoyed when we were able to finalize her adoption on May 6, 2016. ”


Kristen Slattery:

“We finalized our adoption of a 16-year-old girl from foster care just last week. We already had 3 young bio kids when we felt the call to adoption. We were struck by the great number of kids awaiting adoption in the U.S. and knew that our child was out there amidst all the smiling faces on the AdoptUSkids website. We were matched in March of 2015 and finalized in October 2016.

You can see more about our family and adoption journey on my instagram @kristelaine or my blog Engineering Motherhood.

Kristen Wolfe & John Slattery”



“We always knew foster care was going to be a part of our life. We just didn’t expect it to be the only way we would grow our family.
I consider every child who has walked through our door as a part of our family forever. Each of the 11 children have left an indelible mark on our hearts.
Our most recent adoption was our youngest sons in April of this year. We brought him home at 14 days old and it was on day 882 that he became a forever part of our family.
I now can’t imagine having build our family in any other way.
Every little person who has come through our home has been such a blessing to our family, no matter how long they’ve stayed. Some for just a couple weeks and some forever.”


Kelli Nichole:

“After two foster turned adoption placements, I felt my heart being pulled towards fostering again and being part of a reunification story. Quite honestly though, I had been dragging my feet a bit knowing the challenge and heartbreak that would entail. Then I got an email asking us to foster a little girl who was already in the process of ICPC to be moved to a family member in another state. It seemed like a perfect way to help a child who needed us during transition and play a small role in bringing a family back together. Even though our children were 3 and 2, I thought we could certainly make having 3 toddlers work for a short amount of time. Right?
Well, just like any true foster care journey a few months in things changed and we were chosen to be her forever. I call her my surprise middle child and we could not be more thrilled. She has not only blessed us by being our daughter, but we are proud to call her biological family ours too! We celebrated her adoption on 10-11-2016, exactly three years since our first childs adoption.”


Tiffani Elizabeth

“We adopted our blessings from God on July 22nd. Our plan was to adopt one infant girl. We have 4 bio kids , one girl and then three boys. So we desperately wanted another girl in the family. My daughter has always asked for a sister. Well she got two! Our first placement was a little girl 23mos and she was a twin! So we took both girls and 4 months into our journey we also took baby brother. So god’s plan was that I would be a momma to 7 beautiful children. ”


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