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Life Project

We warned that jumping into the world of foster care would change us. I just don’t think I could’ve realized how many layers that change would strip away and reconfigure and shift, making it impossible to ever go back to … Continue reading

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5 Things Foster and Adoptive Parents Want the World to Know

The complex dynamics of foster care and adoption look different in every family, but there does seem to be some unanimity in terms of several of the things we all struggle with. And, for the most part, the general population … Continue reading

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Hands Wide Open

The following is a post I shared on my personal blog 16 months ago. Shortly after I poured these words out, reluctantly surrendering this girl we love so deeply to our good and gracious God, a series of miracles started … Continue reading

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Growing Up With Foster Siblings

When we first started walking the path toward becoming a licensed foster family, one of our biggest concerns was how it would impact our three children who were 11, 9, and 3 at the time. We knew that heartbreak is … Continue reading

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