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I'm surrounded by kids, coffee, and chaos. And I wouldn't have it any other way!

382 days

She’s been home 382 days. 382 days and nights of rules and consistency when it comes to mealtimes.  382 days of requiring manners and sitting nicely through “family time” even if she didn’t want to eat what was put on … Continue reading

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The Long Ride Home

When filling out adoption paperwork, there was always one piece of paper that made me hesitate. The exclusion list. It was almost like the agency was asking us to choose sandwich fixings by checking a box next to certain criteria … Continue reading

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Foster Care Awareness Month

May marks Foster Care Awareness Month. If you’re on Instagram, we’d love for you to follow along with us as we share our hearts on the #knittogetherbyadoption daily prompts, hosted by our friend Shala (@knittogetherbyadoption).

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Hurry up and wait

There is an interesting dichotomy in the world of foster care. You feel a sense of urgency to comply with rules and regulations set forth by your agency. Hurry up and fill out paperwork. Hurry up to be fingerprinted. Hurry … Continue reading

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