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Resting Season

I wrote this blog post months ago. I never edited or read over it after typing it out, didn’t really know if Dropping Anchors was the place for it even, so it sat unpublished for about six months. I pulled … Continue reading

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Post Placement Depression 

Sharing a small part of my foster story with a friend recently, I was reminded of my bout with post-placement depression. Several conversations with foster and adoptive mamas and a quick google search showed me I wasn’t alone in the … Continue reading

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One Little Word 2017

For the past 2 years, the Dropping Anchors ladies have shared some of our “One Little Word” thoughts for the new year. So now that it’s 2017 we’re ready for a new set of words. Each year that I have … Continue reading

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Dear Child, Our family is waiting. We have your room ready, new sheets laid out, new artwork hung, a variety of car seats, a configuration of beds sitting and waiting for the call. Our hands are opened up and they’re eager. … Continue reading

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Dr. Karyn Purvis

We at Dropping Anchors are heartbroken tonight to hear of the passing of Dr. Karyn Purvis (more here). Her work and her faith have paved the way to healing for so many of our sons, our daughters, and our families. … Continue reading

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The Richardson Family

One thing about the adoption community that I love is the way we are quick to celebrate with each other and share sadness with each other. Whatever the load, it is shared in community. This week, our adoption community mourned … Continue reading

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Bring Home Baby Cotton

A few days ago, our very own Lindsay and her husband Alya received the devastating and shocking news that their expectant mom is a part of an adoption scam. She placed the baby they had dreamed would be their daughter … Continue reading

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