Steph has been a foster mama since 2013. She, along with her husband and two sons, live in an old farmhouse an hour outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Aside from foster/adoptive mamas she is an artist (painter, chalkboard artist, muralist, party stylist, interior decorator, and graphic designer). To date, she and her husband have had 9 foster placements and provided respite for 5. They are currently reopening their home to new placements.

Martina has been a foster mama since 2011. In addition to being a mom, she’s a graphic designer, wife to a professional musician, a mid-century modern design enthusiast, and a follower of Jesus Christ. She and her husband Jason were inspired to become foster parents (instead of or before biological children) in order to help kids in their community whether short-term, long-term or forever and with the hopes to adopt eventually. She has had four placements and had the honor of adopting Alianna in 2012. Alianna was born in 2011 and their biological son Isaiah was born in 2015. She blogs at

Leslie is a full-time stay-at-home mama. With two biological children in school full-time, she ventured into the realm of foster care and adoption in 2010, after feeling God’s calling on her life. When she is not embracing the chaos having kids ranging from newborn to teen brings, she enjoys dating her husband, reading, and tries to be creative and crafty.

Casey and her husband were led to begin their foster care journey in 2013. Currently she is a stay-at-home momma to her spunky six year old daughter, rambunctious four year old son, fearless two year old son, feisty one year old daughter, and two lovely foster sons age 7 and 8 months. When Casey isn’t chasing babies and dancing in the kitchen, she enjoys crafting, photography, and campfire talks with her bearded husband. Casey is a Jesus loving mess of a woman, saved by grace through faith.

Heather has been a foster mommy since 2013. Apart from full-time mommy duties, she is a wife, a kindergarten teacher on leave, a fabric addict and seamstress, a reality tv addict, a food snob, and a nap time lover. Heather entered the foster care world after her husband encountered an amazing agency and put the idea on her heart. She’s had only one placement after waiting a long 7 months. Heather recently finalized the adoption of her first placement, a sweet little blondie with a contagious laugh.

Chrystal’s unlikely journey to foster care started in 2013 after a family mission trip. The adventure really began in April of 2014 when she had her first precious foster baby dropped at her door. She is living proof that sometimes God even calls out those that insist “I could never do that”. Alongside her adventurous man-child husband, Nick, they are busy raising three young boys and any and all foster/adopted babies that they can squeeze in along the way. Chrystal enjoys traveling to anywhere and everywhere, creating and sharing recipes that work with her family’s dietary restrictions, and advocating for children and families coming from hard places. When she’s not chasing kids, part-time homeschooling, thrifting, baking all the things, and eating all the things, you can find her blogging at

Hi! I’m a Kelli! My husband Phillip and I have been fostering since 2013. We were very fortunate to adopt our first placement, our son “Doodle.” Since then we have had 6 other children in our home. I am currently living my dream of being a stay at home mom. Most days you can find me laying on the floor being a human jungle gym or running to and from appointments. I am a believer, photographer, amateur painter, wanna-be quilter, with big creative dreams and little time for follow through. However, when we do get free time we love to take mini family vacations, squeeze in another trip to the zoo, or simply be around the people we love most. Foster care has been my biggest blessing and the hardest thing I have ever done. When I look at these littles, I know I am the lucky one.


Kate is a truth chaser, retired baby maker, and host of solo dance parties. Her greatest desire is to see disciples making disciples instead of communities being depleted of Godly resources…in foster care and beyond. She is a mom and wife who is fiercely proud and protective of her tribe. Kate writes at and hopes that her words will help to equip and encourage you to fully embrace your identity in Christ so that you are able to pursue your calling with passion, and take others with you.


I started my foster care journey in August of 2011. Paperwork and classes took 10 months and then we waited another 10 months for a call. Our intent in getting into foster care was to adopt a child/children who needed a family. We knew that reunification with the child’s biological parents is often the goal but we were willing to take the risk, to both help a child in need and be ready to adopt if that was God’s plan. We have had 3 foster boys in our home. Each has changed us and taught us so much. We are in the process of adopting two of the boys through a long, heart wrenching process. God wasn’t joking when he told me to persevere back in the first month of foster care but the joy far outweighs the pain.


Jay loves Jesus, good food, long naps, the ocean and laughter—especially when they’re combined. She’s a working mother and wife that took a leap of faith onto this roller coaster. Since she was born, every area of her life has been intertwined with adoption—from her adopted siblings, her own adoption, her adoption into the family of Christ and most recently, the adoption of 3 of her sons from foster care. She longs to share with you the extraordinary joy that the Lord has given to this ordinary girl. Jay blogs at

Alisha Signature

Alisha and her husband Shane have been therapeutic foster parents for 2 years, caring for many children from medically fragile infants to therapeutic teenagers, and many in between. Through her own adoption as teenager Alisha values families built on love, whether this be through birth, adoption, or friendship. Besides being a therapeutic foster mother she is a registered nurse in administration at a large healthcare system.


Melissa and her husband’s foster journey began in 2012. They had four children already, but felt that they still had more love to give. They finalized the adoption of their first-ever placement on Valentine’s day of 2014! They are currently fostering the cutest little baby ever, who has been with their family since she was just 3 days old. When she’s not carting kids to their hundreds of weekly activities, wiping butts and noses, or pulling the baby out of the dog’s food, Melissa enjoys traveling, photography, sunshine, and charity work.


Nicole and her husband Scott started fostering in Oct of 2013 after they felt Jesus tugging (not so gently) at their hearts and making it clear that being over 40 is no excuse for not taking this hard, but beautiful road. They took a break in 2018 but are back at it now. They have a far taller than them, older son that is now living on his own but at home they walk this out with their big hearted, teenage daughter and a sweet, very energetic preschooler that they adopted in April of 2016. When Nicole is not busy home teaching or singing way too loud she and her family can be found in the mountains eating up as much outdoor time as they can & going on the occasional night hike. She can also be found writing on her blog or her mini blog on IG @nicolermasters.


Lisa became a foster mama in 2013, after the whole family felt God calling them to adopt. She is a full time stay at home, homeschooling mama to her four kids. In addition to running this four ring circus, she enjoys crocheting, reading, and traveling with her family and friends.


Roxie and her husband dove head first into parenting and foster care in 2013. In addition to being a foster mama Roxie works full time as university academic advisor. She loves all things purple, most things chocolate, anything she can organize and random acts of kindness. Roxie and her husband have had one placement for the last 13 months, and are currently waiting to see what God is going to do next.

20 Responses to Contributors

  1. Angel Bond says:

    This blog is beautiful. My family is preparing to open our home to foster care, and we are preparing to start the adoption process for a 5 year old little boy that has been in my sister-in-laws foster home. He is such a challenge, and I am fairly certain there is not a thing in this world we could do to prepare ourselves for what is to come, but we do know that we have the faith, love, strength, and determination to give him the life he deserves. I loved the “Dropping Anchors” blog. It literally brought me to tears. Our little guy is in the same place, and an institutional placement has been contemplated in the past. We are far from giving up, and this post has inspired us even more to keep pushing forward and rely fully on God to get us through the upcoming months. Thank you for this support system. Blessing!

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  3. Maria L says:

    Hey Ladies! This is such a great blog, encouraging and hope-giving. In my area, I am one of 4 single Christian foster/adoptive mamas. If you ever would be interested in having some writing or entries from the perspective of a single foster mom, let me know! We all have had unique but amazing experiences on our journeys into motherhood. Thanks for all you are doing to encourage us!

  4. Thank you so much for the kind words. We will keep you in mind! Thank you for the offer!

  5. Great Blog. I am a fellow foster/adoptive Mom. We have 18 adopted and one bio child. We have a calling to take hard to place teens. I am a Parenting Life coach and a christian counselor that works with foster and adoptive parents. It is great to hear the positive side of foster care. Keep up the good work!

  6. shannon says:

    I’m so glad that I found this blog! We just found out that we are officially licensed! The process (classes, paperwork, inspection etc.) took around 9 months, and we are just waiting for the call! In our state, there is a huge need, so our caseworker said to expect a call today or tomorrow…excited, and nervous!!

  7. kim says:

    I have been a foster parent for over 15 years. I am a Christ follower and the reason I have stayed this long is because I believe it was a calling on my life…but I am tired, yes – weary of doing good in a broken, broken system. We will no longer be accepting placements. I pray the enthusiasm of the contributors words will guide others to care for these little ones whom belong to the Creator.

  8. tim says:


    Really love your blog!

    If you have people in the area, we have an Adoption and Foster Care Summit at Grace Baptist Church in Santa Clarita, CA on Nov. 12th.

    Over 25 organizations will be represented in one place that deal with adoption, foster care, human trafficking, emancipated youth, etc. Plus, great breakout sessions and gifted featured speaker, Pastor and Author Gene Getz.

    FFA/DCFS Training Units are available

    Those interested can visit two places for more info or to register:
    Free childcare is available for ages 4 and under, please visit, to register. We look forward to seeing you.

  9. The idea of foster care has been on my mind & my heart for quite a while. I discovered your blog through & look forward to the insight & encouragement it will provide as my family & I discern this very important role. I was thrilled to see the sibling interview (6/20/17) as we consider this journey for our 3 children also. God Bless You as you continue to encourage & inspire those that answer this call.

  10. This is such a wonderful blog. I have only been fostering about a year and it is a real test of faith. Your blog is so encouraging. Thank you!

  11. Hello ladies, My name is Roger and I just cam across your site. Over at we have a Life Book system that uses text message to product Life Books. I was looking for some additional Life Book pages resource when I came across your site. Two things. I am asking your permission to include some of the pages into our software. Secondly, I’d love to show you how it works and perhaps you could introduce it to your community. Could someone please contact me regarding this? 888 205 6032.

  12. Jes Harmon says:

    Do you have any contributors who are single foster moms? Or can you point me in the direction of some blogs/resources for single foster moms? I’m in the middle of my training/paperwork to get licensed and would love some insight. Thanks!

  13. mollyskawski says:

    Dropping anchors ladies- I am a foster care case manager and I stumbled upon this blog. Wanted to drop a line to say a big THANK YOU from the case manager perspective to families like yours who are willing to tackle the beast of the child welfare system in order to love on our most vulnerable children and families. I am wildly passionate about foster care, faith, and struggling it out with at-risk-families. This blog has been encouragement to me in my work and a reminder that none of us are alone in this (even in an often alienating system!).

    I am continuing to brainstorm the creation of an online space where case managers and foster parents collaborate in some kind of way as there is often a big divide between the two (mistrust, nervousness, business, etc.). Thanks for getting the wheels spinning!

    • That would be amazing Molly & thank you for your kinds words and the work you do. I truly believe when were called to fostering either as a foster parent or as a worker that were called to love everyone involved. Its as much about how we treat each other as it is about the children and families. This working together is His kingdom come and healing for all of us. ❤

      Would love to hear more about what you have in the works. My address is

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