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Two excuses to not become foster parents

Guest post as part of our National Adoption Month series: Post by Gena Thomas ________________________________________________________________________________ About four million Americans go on missions trips every year,[i] many of which are to orphanages. We go overseas, hold HIV positive babies, take pictures … Continue reading

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How to tick off a Mama Bear with 5 little words

“Did you have them tested?” she asked. “Tested for WHAT?!” I replied while secretly hoping she wouldn’t say what I thought she would say. But alas, she did. “You know… to make sure they aren’t… (whispers) ‘crazy‘ before you decided … Continue reading

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Foster Care Awareness: Video

In August of this year, I was preparing our video announcement for the upcoming adoption of our son, when I came across a song that screamed out “THIS IS FOSTER CARE!”, and I felt the need to run to the … Continue reading

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